tirsdag den 15. december 2015

Session 26

10th cycle, 36th day, year 5850
After much discussion on how to proceed with their new-found info, the Green Gems decide to trust Sergeant Jones with the intel, as the list found in the little black book includes several prominent names, including Kraznik and Captain Bluescale (Head of the guard in Dorador), Melville (noble family), Paquin (noble family) and Iricha (noble family). Also on the list was Yazir Two-Horn.

Sergeant was surprised and horrified, but helpful. He set up a meeting between Captain Farik and the Green Gems, and they managed to convince him with setting a trap, as proof was needed against Kraznik. 

So during the High Council meeting, the Green Gems broken into Kraznik's mansion - again - and at the meeting, Farik laid out plans to counter the coming invasion with a bold move which included moving the entire army of Dorador into a spot in the jungle to surprise the invaders. 

As suspected, Kraznik hurried home to make contact and warn his allies. Using magic he spoke through a bowl with water with someone, warning him, but was told not to worry, and just stick to his orders, after which he wrote a letter. 

As he finished the letter, the Green Gems came out of hiding and engaged him and his magic. He promptly summoned an efreeti and his bodyguards came rushing in. The battle went back and forth, in and out of the mansion, but ended with Kraznik being carried away, barely alive, by the elemental creature. Luckily, between his coded ledgers and the coded message to the Fire Knives that he had just written, there was ample proof that he had conspired with the invaders against Dorador.

tirsdag den 8. december 2015

Session 25

10th cycle, 14th day, year 5850
The Green Gems arrive back at Dorador. 

10th cycle, 21st day, year 5850
After days of trying to convince the High Council, which has Kraznik on it, the Green Gems grow frustrated. In a desperate move, they sneak into a noble's daughter's birthday party and confront the Duke, thinking the High Council is keeping things from him. Unfortunately that is not the case. And when Bebe decides to pull a fast one and accuse Kraznik without proof, he is tossed in jail and excommunicated the following day.

10th cycle, 22nd day, year 5850
Feeling bereft of options, the Green Gems decide to take the fight to the Yuan-ti and maybe get further evidence. 

10th cycle, 28th day, year 5850
The Green Gems arrive at the Zankara tribe' s village, located between a lake and a small mountain. With the help of magic, they almost manage to sneak through, but something happens and they are separated. Hours later, they are reunited.

Salazar poses as an moon elf and tries to gain entrance to the forbidden ruins located nearby. The subterfuge succeeds, but he is almost sacrificed by a Yuan-ti on account on being there. They manage to kill the Yuan-ti and a shaman, before fleeing.

10th cycle, 29th day, year 5850
Having fled miles away, the Green Gems stop to rest for the night. In the wee hours they are attacked by a lot of moon elves and a Night Wisp. The battle is not going their way, and when the Night Wisp joins the fight, things look as if they might end there, that very night. Suddenly a red dragon lands, threatening the Night Wisp, who opts for a quick retreat. 

Tyraxolar is the dragon, and he confirms a lot of things for the Green Gems. 

10th cycle, 30th day, year 5850
Going back to the forbidden ruins, the Green Gems note that many more Yuan-ti seem to have arrived and set up tent. Using magic, they sneak into one of the pyramids and stumble upon the Night Wisp from the other night. After a long hard fight, they manage to kill the creature and escape with some battle plans.

10th cycle, 36th day, year 5850
On the last day of the year, the Green Gems return to Dorador.

torsdag den 26. november 2015

Session 24

10th cycle, 4th day, year 5850
After a tactical retreat to the ruins and a good night's rest, the GG were ready to move on to the palace, when they rncountered a ranger. They immediately took a liking to the bow-wielding elf. 

The Palace was mostly empty, both of monsters and information, except for a Mindflayer and his pet troll. The Green Gems and their adopted new friend managed to kill the tentacled monster, only to see it's body snatched by two plane-hopping brethens while they were looking for a secret door. 

With the palace searched, they decided that their time in the city with not so golden roofs had come to an end and that it was time to return to Dorador. 

10th cycle, 12th day, year 5850
On the way back, they swung by the Cara tribe and learned some griveous news. M'Kono had been given an ultimatum. Join the Moon Elf-Yuan-ti coalition against Dorador or be destroyed. He begged the Green Gems to convince Dorador to offer them protection in return for an alliance against the other tribes and the serpent overlords. He had 36 days before he had to give his answer. 

Session 23

10th cycle, 3rd day, year 5850
The Green Gems continued the exploration of the ancient city. Making way to the Mindflayer-built tower through the skeleton-infested ruins, they encountered a gnome, looking for his gem. Bebe tried to read his mind and went bonkers, as the gnome was in reality a Death Slaad, creature of chaos and destruction. A fight followed, straining the Green Gems to their breaking point. 

With the creature dead, they continued towards the tower. There they found evidence (mosaics) that the Yuan-ti god was not a god, but in reality a demon the Yuan-ti had tricked the serpent-men into worshiping. It was also, according to the info, trapped on a far away plane and not in a volcano, as the Yuan-ti seemed to think. 

In the basement, they fought a Guardian Naga, who turned out to protect/guard a huge room full of thousands of Soulless Ones, all standing in neat rows, seemingly in trance. The Green Gems barely managed to sneak past them without waking anything and found another room, where a rod once had been kept. Probably the control-rod seen on murals earlier. 

onsdag den 28. oktober 2015

Session 22

10th cycle, 2nd day, year 5850
The next day continued as the last one, exploring the complex, fighting wraiths and more wraiths. At some point, in one of the many rooms, Bebe found a secret door, which led down. Downstairs, they found a mosaic depicting the creation(?) of a gaunt, albino, black-eyed humanoid race. They also found an ancient artifact (?), which seemed to raise all undead which died within a mile. As they were investigating how to turn it off, Kelal and Salazar spotted something lurking in the shadows. It was Alfred. A long talk followed, and he admitted he had killed Two-Horn. He claimed to be there in search of information, and wished to see the artifact room, although the artifact itself held no interest, according to him. When confronted by Bebe, who was very angry and aggressive, he admitted being a so-called Night Wisp, but also said that he had no interest in harming the Green Gems, and warned them to watch out whom they were working for and with. He also told them of an undead beholder (very powerful) in the tower and a mindflayer in the palace. 

After Alfred had looked for whatever he was looking for and departed, Bebe and Ander managed to disable the artifact. The Green Gems went back up to check out some more crypts. After some more wraith attacks, they tried to get a good night's rest, but kept getting attacked. Once they finally got through the night, they had fought off almost a handful of wraiths. 

10th cycle, 3rd day, year 5850
The exploration continues...

Session 21

10th cycle, 1st day, year 5850
After a rough fight with the wraith, the Green Gems investigated the temple a bit more, and fought another wraith or two. After that, they decided to head out and get some rest, as some of them felt quite drained by the ordeal. 

10th cycle, 2nd day, year 5850
The next day, the Green Gems went downstairs, where they found a huge crypt complex, filled with rooms with sarcophaguses and other buried Yuan-ti. Each room seemed magically trapped, and often seemingly wandering wraiths attacked them. Progress was slow through the many rooms, as they often had to take a breather. They did stumble over various mosaics depicting the imprisonment of the Yuan-tis' serpent god(?) in a volcano to the west of the jungle. 

tirsdag den 20. oktober 2015

Session 20

9th cycle, 36th day, year 5850
Some days later, after discovering a wyvern's nest and killing a lot of Bakaris while following an ancient road of sorts, the Green Gems arrive at gates of the forgotten city. Hidden away in a deep ravine, protected by tall walls, it cuts an impressive figure.

At evening, they scale the 70' walls and after dealing with a couple of skeletons, they can see many lights, all over town, but only one that moves around.

They decide to have Bebe's imp scout the premises first. Aside from a lot of skeleton guard patrols, a temple which rebuffs entry for the demon and the fact that something kills the (poor) imp in the palace, not much info is gained. 

10th cycle, 1st day, year 5850
The next morning, they move down to ground level, where they deal with a skeleton guard crew. Quickly they sneak further into town, dodging patrols left and right. As they get near the temple, they decide to alter their plans and check it out. On their way in, they determine that the magic circle around the temple is a barrier set to block undead and demons.

The temple, which looks pretty much like a hollowed out pyramid, is full of mosaics, depicting the imprisonment of what must be the Yuan-ti god, or perhaps some powerful agent thereof. It seems to have been imprisoned somewhere to the west, in a volcano. Held there by five dragon statues fueled by the souls of countless of dragons. 

As they Green Gems approach the altar at the far end of the temple, a shivering scream of agony pierces their souls as the wraith of a Yuan-ti Abomination passes through the wall and attacks them.